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The Accord is about getting the nine Victorian universities to work together with VAEAI to enhance their engagement with Koorie communities. It is about making the university system more flexible and easier to navigate for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. The aim of the Accord is to improve higher education retention rates and outcomes for Indigenous students.

​We currently offer several services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and communities, such as

The ATAR Support Hotline

Toorong Marnong ATAR Hotline

1800 200 155

Change of Preference and  Course Application Advice from Indigenous academic and support staff

The annual Change of Preference Hotline is run for Indigenous students seeking advice about university entrance. It is a 24 hour service that runs from ATAR release until the beginning of Semester 1. The line is staffed by Indigenous academics and support staff who can help you with:

  • The VTAC application process
  • Submitting preferences for courses
  • Course advice planning
  • Student Supports in each University
  • Other services that are available
  • Pathways into the course you want

​Toorong Marnong is a cooperative between all nine Victorian universities - we can help you with pathways, courses or services available across the board.

We believe that each university has something to offer - the key is finding the best fit for you!

Tracks2Uni Pathway Resource

Aspiration and Pathway Planning is an interactive website for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people thinking about going to university.

The platform was developed to help learners start thinking about their educational or career goals, explore courses and pathways that might lead to their chosen goals, and connect them with tertiary institutions that might be able to help them achieve their goals.

Tracks2Uni helps learners:

  • Link interests to careers and courses,
  • Explore different university locations across Victoria, and
  • Make contact with Indigenous student advisors in your chosen fields.


Indigenous Tertiary Information Services

What are Tertiary Information Service (TIS) Sessions?

Indigenous TIS Sessions are an opportunity to students and communities to engage in open conversation with universities about transition and support for Indigenous students.

Indigenous TIS Sessions are open to all Indigenous secondary students, as well as their families and community members. Information will be provided from each of the universities and will be delivered by staff members from their Indigenous Support Units.

General information regarding ATAR, degrees and planning for university will be provided. We will also discuss different pathways and entry points to university, as well as scholarships and study supports that are available to university students.

Keep an eye on the events page to find out about regional I-TIS Sessions

If you can't make it to the I-TIS, but you'd like to find out more, send through a request form, and we'll be in contact to see how we can help you!


Resources for Students and Families

Support for Koorie Learners and their communities

One of the major priorities of Toorong Marnong is to empower every Indigenous student with tertiary aspirations with the proper tools and knowledge to achieve their goals. We know that University can seem really daunting, so Toorong Marnong wants to make it easier for people to access the information and supports they require.

We've compiled the Toorong Marnong Universities Booklet, which has information on all of the Victorian Universities and their Indigenous Support Units.

We're compiling a list of useful links for Students and communities, to help link people with services and supports available.

As well as this Toorong Marnong is available to help with any queries you might have available. Contact us through any of the methods listed at the top of the screen, or fill in the contact form on the front page. We work together with VAEAI and the 9 Universities - if you have a question we can't answer, we can probably find someone who can!


School and Community Presentations

School and Community Presentations

We know that University can seem really confusing and daunting, but it really doesn't have to be! Toorong Marnong is all about empowering learners to make the best decisions for themselves, but that doesn't mean you have to make them alone. We work with students, schools, communities and universities - we can help you access resources or information, or we can come visit and have conversations about your learning journeys.

Feel free to contact us any time with any questions you might have, or if there's anything we can do to help.



If you would like information sent out to you, or to request a visit, please fill in the form available on our request page.

As well as these initiatives, we are constantly looking for ways we can support students and communities. So watch this space for even more news from Toorong Marnong!