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Helpful links and resources

There are already an extensive range of resources available that might be useful for you. We’re continually updating the list below – if you have any suggestions, let us know!

Career Planning and Aspirations:

Career Planning and Aspirations:

Not sure what kind of career you want yet? Try these sites to explore your aptitudes and assist with decision making.

http://www.tracks2uni.edu.au/ – a Toorong Marnong initiative. Link your interests to careers and see the kinds of courses that can get you there. Select University campuses to make contact with the Indigenous Education Support Unit at those locations.

https://myfuture.edu.au/ – set up your profile with your skills, passions and knowledge to explore careers which might interest you. Great resources including a course finder, and personal journeys and case studies.

http://www.youthcentral.vic.gov.au/jobs-careers/planning-your-career – Youth Central is a Victorian Government website and has a range of resources available, including Career and Study services, as well as information for young people leaving home, managing budgets, legal rights, and much more.

http://www.abc.net.au/science/careers/acedayjobs/ Ace Day Jobs is a video library of interviews from people in different fields and types of employment. Explore some different career options and gain a better understanding of what they involve.

Secondary Education Pathways

Year 11 and 12 can be stressful and confusing for students and their families. Follow the links below to find information on ATAR, VCE, VCAL and Pathways to University.

http://www.vtac.edu.au/results-offers/atar-explained.html VTAC is the body that oversees the administration of Course applications for Higher Education. Information regarding how the ATAR is calculated, courses available and deadlines throughout the year are available.

http://www.vcaa.vic.edu.au/Pages/wtn/introduction.aspx The Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority (VCAA) provide curriculum, assessment and reporting for Victorian schools. Check out the linked document for detailed information on VCE, VCAL, VET, apprenticeships and traineeships.

Alternative Entry Pathways

ATAR isn’t the only way to get into Uni. For a brief overview of what other options might be available for you, check out https://www.studyassist.gov.au/beyond-year-12/pathways-university-study https://www.studyassist.gov.au/beyond-year-12/pathways-university-study.

Each of the Universities have pathway information available on their websites, as well.

Australian Catholic University

Deakin University

Federation University

La Trobe University

Monash University

RMIT University

Swinburne University

University of Melbourne

Victoria University

To talk to someone about your pathway, contact the Indigenous Student Support Unit (ISSU) at your University of choice, or contact us at Toorong Marnong for more information!

Resources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

https://www.thinkyourway.edu.au/ Resources for Students, Parents and Teachers, as well as stories from Indigenous students about their journeys.

http://www.vaeai.org.au/ Information on current education strategies and supports for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Check out the Pathways Magazine for articles from students, unis, and Koorie supports.

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

Talk to your Indigenous Student Support Unit (ISSU) for up to date information on current scholarships, bursaries or financial assistance. Your unit advisers can provide you with personalised support and will be able to direct you to appropriate resources for your situation.

https://www.indigenousscholarships.com.au/ is an extensive and well-maintained resource with information on scholarships that are available to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

https://www.humanservices.gov.au/individuals/enablers/abstudy-award-types has information on ABSTUDY allowances that are available for university students.

https://www.youthcentral.vic.gov.au/advice-for-life/finances also has some great information on paying for uni and managing your finances when you’re there.